Now, say good bye to

  • Hectic and time-consuming procurement and
  • Manual documentation on excel


    Pakka Business ecosystem

Pakka Procurement

  • 8% - 15% savings on procurement cost
  • 70% reduced procurement lead time
  • Access to Pakka Business seller database
  • End-to-end procurement software with automatic quotation comparison
Pakka Business ecosystem
Pakka Business ecosystem

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Savings in cost of procurement


Reduction in procurement lead time

Automate your Sourcing 3 simple steps

post enquiry

Step 1

Publish your inquiry in Pakka Business

A simple user friendly form for requesting quotations from multiple suppliers.

  • Get access to database of suppliers listed in your product category.
  • Avoid the time-consuming process of finding relevant suppliers on the web.
Receive quotations

Step 2

Multiple offers from relevant suppliers instantly

Receive competitive offers from best rated suppliers throughout India.

  • Best offers are filtered out by our AI algorithm.
  • Move away from finding suppliers in Google and emails.
compare Quotation

Step 3

Compare and select the best one, and award PO

Compare received quotations on various parameters such as price, delivery schedule, payment terms, warranty etc.

  • Shortlist and select the best offer after thorough comparison.
  • Award P.O using an automated form.

8% - 15% of Saving on your each Procurements

Procuring goods at best market price, reduced procurement lead time with minimal overheads leads to reduced cost of procurement. Pakka Business allows buyers to procure goods from multiple sellers after comparing offers automatically on parameters like price, delivery schedule, payment terms, warranty and supplier ratings.

Pakka Business quotations received page screenshot

Key Benefits

Pakka Business comes with following key benefits and more...

PO Icon

Wide range of suppliers to choose from

Receive quotations from best rated suppliers which include manufacturers, distributors and dealers throughout India

Automate Quotation

Automated quotation evaluation process

Pakka Business helps you find the best offer by comparing and evaluating all the quotations on parameters like price, warranty, payment terms, delivery schedule, and reliability of the supplier.

Lead time

Reduced procurement lead time

Pakka Business reduces your procurement lead time by onboarding eligible vendors on the platform up-front.

Procurement cost

Reduced cost of procurement

Pakka Business helps Increase your bottom line by reducing your procurement cost by automating your vendor development and quotation evaluation.


Automatic email notifications

Pakka Business has automated email notifications for regular procurement functions like new Quotation, new invoice received, request for amendment in purchase order, etc.

Cloud storage

Manage documents on cloud

A world class software to create, manage and track RFQs, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payments and Payment Requests in no time.


that make your sourcing and procurement simple

PO image

Request for Quotations

Publish your requirements on Pakka Business on one go and receive offers from across the India.

  • Simple user-friendly form.
  • Attach necessary documents.
  • Immediate email and push notifications sent to suppliers regarding your requirement.

Compare and Shortlist the Best Offers

Our one-click quotation comparison feature makes your life much easier with comprehensive information of all your offers in one window.

Compare quotation image
PO image

Purchase Order Builder

Our purchase order creator is as flexible as spreadsheet and as intelligent as SAP.

  • Convert an estimate received into a purchase order or create your own, you have it all.
  • Create PO using a simple automated form.
  • Make unlimited changes in your PO.
  • Multiple PDF templates to choose from. (Coming Soon)
  • Track your P.O status on the go from anywhere around the globe.
record payment

Manage payments

Record the payments for any advance paid or payment made against a purchase order or a proforma invoice or an invoice.

  • Once payment is recorded that would be automatically sent to the seller. Further, the seller can acknowledge the payment receipt.
  • Automatic email notifications sent to sellers.

Purchase Invoices directly in your Pakka Business Account.

Once your supplier creates Invoice in Pakka Business, you can see that in your Pakka Business Account, now approve and add the invoice to your book of accounts.

  • Get email notifications for new invoices.
  • Generate monthly reports.

Vendor Management

Build better supplier relationships with a streamlined vendor management system.

  • Vendor portal
  • Onboard, track, and manage vendors on the go.
  • Access vendor’s transaction history & procurement data on the go.
  • Data saved on cloud.
  • Automatic email notifications sent.
create invoice

Track GST filling status of your vendors

A vendor background check by tracking their GST filling status might save your day.

  • Vendor GST information.
  • Periodical GST filling status of all your vendors.
  • Send reminder for non-fillers. (Coming Soon)
create invoice

With & Without Pakka Business

without Pakka Business with Pakka Business
   Requisition lead time More than 5 Days Less than 1 Day
   Quotations Few 10+ offers to compare & choose
   Expenses Overheads, Travel expenses, your time. 1 Overhead
   Vendor management system Manual Process Onboard, track, and manage vendors
   Purchase Order Using excel or Tally Automated form in few clicks
   PO History No proper record Cloud storage
   PO Amendment Using Excel or Tally Infinite Amendments on Portal
   Receive Invoice Through email Through portal and email
   Payment Update Through email or phone Through portal & automatic updation in Ledger
   Reports Manual & time consuming process Actionable, data driven reports for making informed decisions (Coming Soon)
   Activity updates to Suppliers Email or phone Automatic email updates

Privacy and Security at its Best


Secured with GoDaddy SSL

Google Cloud

Hosted with Google Cloud

Data backup

Multiple Data Backups


2-factor authentication

2000+ Delighted Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Any entity can register on Pakka Business, to sell on Pakka Business you need a GSTIN. You don’t have to pay anything for using Pakka Business.

It is the process of requisitioning, ordering and purchasing goods or services online and is a business to business (B2B) process. Pakka Business helps businesses simplify their procurement by automating the process of purchasing goods resulting in reducing procurement cost, time and overheads.

Yes, Pakka Business allows companies access to relevant suppliers throughout India thereby increasing competition. Pakka Business’s unique algorithm compares offers from multiple vendors to procure at best price and credit terms.

Yes, you can communicate with suppliers using our in house chat or PAKKA Business email.

Pakka Business value addition is twofold, it helps companies digitize and automate their procurement and help them increase their sales by providing curated sales leads and access to potential customers throughout.

We follow multiple security protections for all your documents ranging from Purchase orders, invoices, and payments, are saved on Google cloud, SSL protected, all valuable data are encrypted, mandatory 2-factor authentication for login, which becomes very difficult for anyone to get into the system.

Pakka Business Mobile Applications

Download the mobile application and stay updated anytime, anywhere.

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